Welcome to Staq.ly

Staqly is a socially curated content aggregator for the Web. Wow.  That is a mouthful. What does that even mean? Let’s break it down.

Staqly is a content aggregator.  Well…the Web is full of great content. But it’s scattered everywhere. Also, because of the nature of the Web we don’t save or collect anything anymore.  It’s just “on the Web”. Staqly is a new way of enjoying your Internets. Staqly lets you save your favorite content into themed ‘staqs’ so you can enjoy it again and again.

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 23.02.01To illustrate let’s take one of our favorite ‘staqs’ – Greatest Guitar Players. This ‘staq’ lists over one hundred guitarists created by the author and his buddies. For each guitarist added to the list we:  1) Easily searched Google images from within the Staqly to add a cool pic to represent our guitarist; 2)  We added the Wikipedia article for each of them so we can nerd out; 3) Then we added our favorite YouTube videos of him playing, concerts, interviews…whatever. All of this ‘content collecting’ is fully integrated into Staqly. You don’t leave the app you just tap a button, see search results and tap to add.  It’s that easy. Boom ‘staq’ full of awesome content completed. Consume content at your leisure, share with friends, have at it.

Image-1Back to our mouthful – Staqly is socially curated. What you mean? There are a number of social features built into Staqly. Invite friends to fill out your ‘staq’ via facebook or just cut and paste the ‘staq’ url into a text message or Whatsapp.

As you enter items into ‘staq’ choose your favorite Top10 items. You can also like or diScreen Shot 2017-11-22 at 15.55.52slike any items. Items appearing in the most Top10’s and most liked will magically float to the top of the ‘staq’. This helps you discover items you might not have known as awesome.  Who’s that guitarist all my buddies ranked so high?  Wow! I like.

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 15.55.09Additionally, any YouTube videos entered for each item in the ‘staq’ can also be liked or disliked. So you’ll see the most popular videos at the top as well. Basically we enabled everything to be ranked and thus “curated” socially by your friends and/or the Staqly community.

Visit staqly.com and ‘Staq Your Web’.



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